Boston Marathon, 1951…are you kidding me?!?…What a story!

She is who…did what…and won what?!? The lady who escaped the Atomic freaking Bomb in Japan…won!…won the 1951 Boston marathon! One of the more prominent if not world famous races in the entire sport of running! How has this not been made into a movie yet? This is an unbelievable story!!!

She wins! For the rest of her life, after flat out losing probably everything…then coming over to the place that dropped the bomb on you…and winning a race that the Americans probably thought they had in the bag since it was in their own home country! This is absolutely up there with one of the biggest upsets from a morale standpoint there ever has to have been!

Look…Japan did some horrifying stuff…ergo Pearl Harbor and the POW situation, but for the USA to drop the infamous Atomic Bomb on this ladies general vicinity, and then for her to flat out beat our competitive booties on our own soil is amazing. This would be like if Russia nuked New York, and then the 1980 Hockey Team happened…in Russia!

I can remember how grueling those last few miles were for the marathon, and just thinking here what her mind set was. Pounding out the last few meters…breathing probably as hard as possible, praying she doesn’t fall because she would be falling for all those people that probably died under the bomb…my goodness…amazing!

Just an incredible picture and piece of history…and “the crowd was silent.”


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