Just a depressing baseball story …

As a lifelong Mets fan (don’t ask how I got here)…the below picture/statement by ESPN personality Darren Rovell, hits right into the breast bone straight into the aortic valve! Not many people really care or remember this little situation the Mets put themselves in, and let me get this straight…continue to put themselves in to this day…or did it just end?…who really cares.

He will get paid until 2035 by the New York Metropolitans. He hasn’t played for them since 1999!!!!!!! Yes…you read that right! Every July 1st he gets another handsome check from the ball club, and here just as if he’s mocking the fan base and industry and club itself…the agent who brokered the deal sits in the TV spot row at the World Series in LA. Thank you sir may I have another…as the Mets sit aside another year passing since ‘86.


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