Tech Myths…busted! – or those little green guys…

New York Times put out this story here just debunking 5 of the most common tech myths out there centered around really our personal devices. The one that I always harken back to and have always had an issue with and still wonder about today is…bump bump bumpaaaa…the charging battery!

Do you need to let a battery fully go down to zero before recharging it? Gosh I hope not and apparently you don’t. Even though I continue to read these articles about it and learn about Nickel versus Lithium…I’m still so antsy every time I take my phone or iPad or any electronic and plug it into the wall with 50% left. “Is my phones battery going to deteriorate?” “Is that the end of my battery now that I’ve plugged it in?” Maybe I’m just being an idiot about it, and haven’t learn to let it go…but if my battery powered headphones or Apple Watch start losing their life sooner and sooner?….it’s probably just the Gremlins!

Five Tech Myths People Still Believe – The New York Times


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