Why you watch it on TV – World Series Edition

The World Series started yesterday. Pretty exciting! Two teams that haven’t won in quite some time…Astros never. Additionally, two cities that are notorious for bad traffic!! Case in point, take a look at this ridiculous scene leaving Game 1 in LA circling the stadium trying to leave. What in the heck do you do with this?

“Hi yeah…Uber will be here in 12 hours…no it’s less than a mile away, he’s just stuck in LA traffic.”

“Honey, we’re leaving the game. Should be home by the time Johnny graduates college. Yes dear. I know he begins his ABCs tomorrow.”

Not to mention it was 100 degrees outside for the game! So you couldn’t even enjoy the wait! Was there still traffic by the time the players left? Imagine that horror! Leave a game you just worked your butt off in, to have to go sit in traffic with all those beer laced fans you just sacrificed your body for. Yay LA!


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