A constant repetitive soundtrack! Yes Please!

Get on a run…put the headphones in…if that’s your thing…work through a playlist…and pray and hope that the one or two songs that have slow beginnings or just slow parts doesn’t make its way right into the sprinting portion of your workout…or when your headed into an uphill and you absolutely need that extra piece of thump thump thump in your head to get you over the edge. The! Worst!

I found the solution! This series of remixes and workout albums has a constant repetitive beat through the entire 60 minutes it’s going! It changes right from one song to another with zero type of slow down or speed bump, and the transitions even make it seem like they were all being made by the same DJ for an entire hour! It was like finding the lost city of Z!

When I’m heading into one of these major uphills or sprints, and all of a sudden Elvis starts singing a song I’d rather dance with my wife to, it kind of puts a damper on my pace a wee bit. Now…and I’ve been trampsing this little album pretty much every paced run, it moves right with me the entire time! Three words…Check.It.Out!


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