ATL United – Oh Well…

Bear with me. This won’t be long, but what this…remember this…expansion!…team did here these past few months was just incredible! They started the season in a makeshift college football stadium, and I’m not talking one of these brand new college football stadiums. This was the GT stadium which is downtown and has been there for-ev-er!…as Spinx would say.

Then…they move their entire operations into a brand new stadium and have to learn the schematics, hold on to the attention, all the while the excitement of college football begins.

Finally…they have to take their entire roster of players…young…old…and all new to the ATL area and make them something of a cohesive unit. Look, if they finished middle of the pack and didnt make the playoffs, nobody would have thought twice here.

But nooooo. They scored more goals than anyone…had sellouts in the massive college stadium….then turned that around and had 70,000 people at multiple games in the new stadium! Are…you…kidding! Then!…they get into the playoffs! Keep it up men…this cities got your back for years to come!


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