Pensacola Beach, “The Water Tower” – Running Locale

Look, any beach run can just be absolutely amazing, and if you get it right, there is always some really cool views along the way.  But Pensacola Beach has some unique ones at that, and to start things off here, let’s stop calling something it’s not, and head right for the throat…Pensacola Beach is located in a part of Florida so aptly named…The Redneck Riviera…which adds a lot to the “scenery.”

Man…where do you start here?  Well…let’s start on the far west side.  Beautiful homes!  Get over the bridge from Gulf Breeze, where most of the local yokels live and work, and you head right into the weirdly shaped Pensacola Beach!  West side equals Cash!  Some absolutely exquisite properties that only someone owning Amazon or Google would try to purchase for their eighth beach home.  Then you start coming into town as we head east…right starting near the ginormous water tower with the towns name on it!


Right into the heart of what I would call Touristville!  Hotels galore…restaurants serving some great fried fish on the bay side…surf shops…towel shops…sandals shops…you name it!  Because remember…Rednecks do forget stuff every now and then…and if you ever were doubting…there’s enough alcohol to sweat off in that morning run to light yourself on fire!  Most of the ones on the beach will literally have chairs set up right there so you can plop yourself in the chair…with drink in hand…and don’t have to move!

Keep heading east and you’ll hit some more of those stilt houses that are so accustomed to every beach town out there…and some have been there for quite some time…by the paint and car ports you see.  A few RV parks, and smaller homes will come up as well (everyone goes to the beach…not just the rich and rented).

Oh…and don’t forget the Blue Angels!  Those jokers fly right by the water tower area, up up and away!

Whether you’re going to run on the beach, or on the well paved sidewalks or non-traveled side roads, there are plenty of places to get your move on.  Just watch out for Bubba…he may not see you while he’s carrying his cooler of Bud back to his pick-up.  Grab yourself a sweet tea when your done with some lemon and some fried shrimp and oysters from Red Fish Blue Fish.  Trust me.  Now let’s get our tan on.



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