Every once in a while two things come together and it’s just a pure coincidental piece of magic. This week I literally started the Netflix series Ozark, and not to spoil too much here…there is this self-proclaimed hillbilly family right there on the Lake who supposedly got ran out of town when they damned up the river and then flooded it to produce the now resort style lakefront properties that are keeping the towns afloat (pun intended).

Well this family has one main source of income, and it is properly shown as they walk through their vast mountain acreage to emerge into an enormous field of poppy flowers that would be hidden from any normal person’s view. Then they have some sort of vast distribution network and blah blah blah.

So then this picture pops up today and immediately I knew what these were!!! I haven’t seen poppy flowers since the Wizard of Oz! And all we knew about them then was that they were sleepy flowers for Dorothy and the Lion! Tinman rusted up and all we had left was Scarecrow!

Well the Mexican mountains here obviously make these seem so much more picturesque then say either the sleepified version our childhood heroes step into or the redneck mountain folks have growing in their property for less than legal purposes. But it was amazing how all three converged today on this peculiar flower that truly does not come up all too often. Poppies…sleep…sleep…

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Photo by @christian_foto ( Christian Rodriguez ) Guerrero is the number one producer of poppy flower in Mexico. On a global scale, Guerrero shares the first place with Afghanistan. Mexico provides more than 90 percent of US’s heroin. The poppy flower has become an economic support for many families in the "Sierra de Guerrero" ( Guerrero mountain chain), since it is much more profitable than any other crop. Due to the high poverty rates, many peasants prefer to grow the poppy flower in order to cover their basic needs. There is a direct link between violence in Mexico and the records of heroin use in the United States. During the last decade, heroin use in the United States has increased fivefold and addiction has tripled. Photo by @christian_foto #Guerrero #poppy #heroin #mexico

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