Homemade Buffalo Wings! – Reason to Run

Birthday meal! Yep! Look…when you got multiple kids and the age range just doesn’t make it conducive to bring them to a restaurant right now, you have to improvise when you want bar food at home, and we hit the spot!

Break out the Franks Red Hot and the Deep Fryer! We got homemade buffalo wings!!! Remember…this is not always the healthy alternative here. One of the main reasons I run is because I love to eat! So here is a perfect example of going for a long run in the morning so you can enjoy the multiple levels of wings that you can make!

Fry me up for 5 minutes a piece…obviously after you’ve broken them apart into Flats and Drums…bring em in, dose them in an 8 x 12 with a Franks and butter concoction and bake for some amount of time you can find on google. Sooooooo good!

Pick your favorite accompaniment of dipping sauces (Marie’s Blue Cheese right here), and you are in seventh heaven of bar food at home! How many tonight? Only a simple swell of 12, but had cake afterwards, so couldn’t quite fill up on all wings. We did have some extra though for a late night snack!


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