Interval death!

Too cold outside…like really cold! Ok, it was like 30, but that’s cold!…and I was due for a strength workout…and what does that mean?!? It’s interval on the treadmill time! Yay!

Now look, the days of the old treadmills at the gym in which if you out the speed above 6.5 you feel like the thing is going to literally shake apart, or fly straight forward even though you’re literally just going at a normal jog pace are in fact over. These new machines have all kinds of widgets and gizmos and if you read the news…ways to incorporate your wearable tech with the actual treadmill! That’s pretty cool!

But the one piece of tech that they made so much easier with these new tracks is a simple button push. Most of the older treadmills had two speed variation, but it was almost just easier to beep it up to your fast pace and then beep it down to your recovery pace! Trying to computerize an analog screen was a bit tedious. Now…it’s literally as simple as having both speeds on the screen with a simple button push, and they put the buttons at the bottom so they don’t get in the way of the personal TV you now have! Hahaha!

Now if they could just somehow make it easier when you hit that higher speed…that’s the killer.


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