Am I a bad person for thinking this? – Soccer

When I saw the capture below, the immediate thought in my head was … “Well…at least someone is using his talent right now…cause the USMNT sure isn’t, and won’t be for the next few years!” Then, almost immediately after that, I started to actually ponder on what this headline is actually telling me!

You’re saying that we have had a constant pipeline of American talent rushing through one of the best leagues in the World for Soccer over the last 27 years, and we can’t even break a tie with Trinidad and Tobago with what is supposedly a really good team?!? Where is all this pipeline of talent that is so good for the German leagues being sent?!? Why isn’t it showing back up on the USMNT doorstep so we can actually make the tournament of all tournaments? I mean seriously! What in the heck is going on here?!?


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