Retirement gifts…this one rules all! – Meb

Heard Meb was retiring…thought about getting him a desk clock. You know one of those that say “Good Luck in the Good Years” or something like that. Or maybe a watch…you know 25 years of running your tail off…non chalantly cute. You know…something small.

Maybe just even a pen with a pop-up head saying “Peace…I’m outta here!”

But then in the end…I figured the one thing a runner from Southern California might need is something to carry him into the next sport in his repertoire. A surfboard! So I had one carved up…put a big ol picture of Meb on there and then Whammo! Come to find out the NYRR already gave him a surfboard for retiring…before me!

What the heck am I going to do with a 7’ surfboard with Meb’s face on it now?!? I guess I could hang it up next to the lifelike baseball base that I was going to give Ricky Henderson when he retired from professional baseball. Wait…is he still playing in single A?


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