Cumulus 18s…Yes…I know I’m Behind!

So got my new/old pair of running shoes here recently, and figured it was time for a review of a shoe that’s been out there for at least a year!  That’s about my timing on this thing, so let’s have at it!

Got the Asics Gel Cumulus 18s here recently, and so far so good!  The cushioning is like a cloud, and the bounce is just what the doctor called for…except I don’t have a doctor, and therefore he or she didn’t call for anything.  Anyways..the shoes are great!

There is one caveat though.  So I’ve been running in all sorts of shoes for the last twenty years, and all different brands, and sizes, and shapes and colors (although I am prone to the neon bright ones).  Usually after a few pairs of the same shoe, I can fine tune exactly which size I need and how it’s going to fit the toe box (which by the way was completely good to go on these things).  But what Asics did with this version of the shoe, was eliminate a massive piece of stitching up near the big toe.  What this causes is pre-mature wear and tear right where the big toe touches the webbing, and on the first pair I had, caused a big fat big toe hole to form.  Not cool when you actually wear your old worn shoes for other work purposes.  Can’t quite wear those bad boys out anymore unless its to do yard work.

So…for running?  Awesome!  Wear and Tear?  Could have given me a heads up to go a size up since you are removing stitching.  Oh…and if there are any shoe companies that want to send me some stuff to try out…no problem!  I have two feet that would be itchin (well not itchin…it’s just an expression…I don’t have the funk or anything) to take some boots for a ride.  Well…not boots..actual running shoes…oh forget…you get the point.



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