Overdue – Halloween Burgers – Reason to Run

Every Halloween! Yep! For as long as I can remember. Now look, in order to eat all the candy you want that night and not feel quite as bad, it might be a good idea to get that jog in in the morning or early afternoon. That extra snickers mini has to go somewhere…but before all the sweet munchies get had by you…stealing from your kids bags…come on…let’s be real here, you have to eat dinner! Right?

Most folks go the easy route of take out pizza or just whatever is on the docket for being made that night, but tradition can hold some simple and easy manifestations, and in this case, it’s centered around the pumpkin face! In this creation…hamburger with cheese!

Take your plain ol hamburger, however the heck you want to prepare it, 80%, half chuck, half whatever, all turkey…if that’s your thing, frozen, I’m gonna judge you on that one…sorry…and make your patties. Then, grill as you always do…until ready to serve, and then just before you take them off the grill, melt some basic American cheese on there! If you are on a no cheese diet…back off…it’s halloween…cheat! However, before you place said cheese on said burger, cut out a pumpkin happy face in there with the missing tooth!

Now…it’s Halloween…burger style!


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