Huh…apparently it’s popped!

So based on the New York Times article below, the ever popular sport of running did in fact have a bubble!  It lasted about 20 somewhat years, and has just now found it’s end…and has popped!  Took long enough I guess, and it makes good sense.  I mean it took the tech bubble what…like 5 minutes to pop?  Took frisbee golf about 1 year to pop, and took the fuzzy blanket with sleeves…what the heck was the name of that thing…about 30 seconds to pop, even though they marketed to late night tv watchers and college freshmen dorm folks (remember that guy who sold the squiggie towel thingy?).  Anyways…

So the running bubble has popped!  Wow…never thought I would see the day.  But truth be told the article brings up some good points, some good data compiled over a two year stretch, and in the end…I…Don’t…Care!  If you run just because you think it’s the cool thing to do, or if it’s the next big thing…you’re probably not going to get a whole lot out of it.  Make running something you want to do!  Make running a lifestyle change.  Make running a way to literally decrease stress in your life…ever heard of the runner’s high?  It’s a real scientific thing, and after an enormous long excruciating run in which you know you gave it your all…it feels soooooooo good!

So what’s next?  Well apparently there are still something like 15 or 17 million people doing it.  So that’s pretty much what I would classify as a butt ton of people doing this great sport and exercise routine.  Then, I would say there are still a plethura of actual races if you want to sign up for one of those…then lastly, I would point this out…The man who started this whole marathon craze…remember him?  That crazy greek guy who ran all the way from Marathon to announce the victory and then collapsed dead right there and then?…well this whole sport goes back way farther than that, and it’s a part of who we are as humans.  We’ve got it in our DNA to run away from prey…and things that want to eat us.  So even though the running bubble may have popped this time around…it’s always going to find it’s way back…when the buildings are gone, and our next future selves are running away from zombies or monsters or aliens or whatever.  You just gotta run!


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