Mmmm…Snickers…Yum – Reason to Run

This one is pretty simple.  So it will probably be one of the shorter food choices and posts here, because there is nothing to cook, nothing to behold, and nothing to really go long on.  And truth be told, this one actually may…may help you when you need a quick pick me up after a long run!  I mean it’s got Peanuts and Nugget and chocolate…ok…salivating over here.  I LOVE SNICKERS!

They are so, so, so good!  I feel so bad for folks who cannot partake in this wonderful delightful treat that can just make the world go round.  Their marketing is pretty funny too, especially with the unique names that they put on front.  I am pretty prone to picking up the dopey or Princess ones when they are available.  So all in all, as we wrap up the Halloween candy pieces around the house…these are some of the first to go…mainly by me, and then from then on out, it’s just a simple keep the day moving kind of snack that always feels better after having gone on a long run so you know you can cheat a little!  Hunger’s medicine!



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