Do the shoes make you faster?

I love the magazine wired…and when they take on a running or exercise trend and try and see if the technology actually does what it says it’s going to do, it just makes for a fun and fun-ny article from a technology magazine talking about sports. Granted I’m sure they have some great writers on staff who specialize in sports type of tech and gear and focus all their efforts on making sure their kept up to date on the latest foams and leathers that can make you run faster…

So when I️ saw this article this week talking about the new Nike’s (marathon specific) shoes asking whether they make you run a faster marathon, I️ immediately started to laugh. Look…shoes can make a difference, but as we say there Sunday and watched Shalane just absolutely kick it into eight gear there the last few miles and just absolutely pull away from the pack and the final two trailers, I hardly think it was “all about the shoes” as Spike use to say.

Granted…she was wearing the new Nikes…but check the article to see if they are really making the difference, or if it’s also the hours upon hours of personal training, personal nutritionists, sponsored sessions, meal plans, gear, and other factors like genetics that got her to the end. Gotta love tech!


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