South Florida…Running in Humidity! – Running Locale

Half of us have grown up here in South Florida, and once you cross the halfway Jacksonville border headed into the southern half of the state there is an amazing thing that comes over you…no it’s not the absolutely wonderful warmth that is always present and feels especially nice when it’s December and January everywhere else and high 70s down there!…No…it’s something called Humidity! Holy crap does it hit you like a brick wall when you’re not ready for it!

Coming down to the wonderful tropics during the winter is an especially interesting time. Running outside during the winter above Orlando gives you this wonderful sense of dryness and opens up your oxygen valves quite nicely.

Then…when you get to Ft Lauderdale or Miami Beach that oxygen feels like it’s being sucked into the air heated up and then given extra weight that you just can’t pass through your lungs! It’s like up North sucking it through an open container and then down south you are sucking it through a straw with bristles in it!!!

Look…love the temperature…love the ability that you don’t have to wear any long sleeve or pants any day that you are down there and the thought of wearing gloves and a ski hat out there is essentially non-existent save days when the locals feel that 65 in the morning might be a bit chilly…but man oh man does that brick wall of humidity make it somewhat impossible some days…


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