A Freakin’ Boston Cream Pie! – Reason to Run

Traveling in Boston as a runner there are so many places to go things to do and marathon lines to cross…but this is absolutely not a post about a recent trip to one of the oldest cities in the country…it’s about one of the oldest deserts in that old city and how incredibly good it actually is…and how when you are in this Running town you need to run extra far so that you can partake in this incredible desert multiple times in multiple locations!!!

The Boston Cream Pie…which apparently didn’t look like a Pie at all in its original form when it was invented in the Parker House hotel in downtown Boston.

It looked more like a pastry wrapped in coconut bristles and then glazed over the top with chocolate and served with whip cream and strawberries. But man oh man who cares!!! It’s good! Not to mention that the whip cream is usually homemade and the cake is as fluffy as you can expect!

Look…there are all sorts of reiterations of this now to include actual pies and pastries and the basic donut from Dunkin….which to be honest are all pretty gosh darn good and no matter where you are all of these are worth the extra run in order to have them.

Just make sure the one you get has extra custard (not cream) and a nice fluffy cake and of course topped with chocolate! You’ll be alright!


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