ASICS Quick Lyte – Gear

Through almost twenty years of running the different types of footwear and socks are too numerous to count, and the fact that it would even come to think about actually noticing a difference in them is somewhat interesting at this point unless i was absolutely all of a sudden having a major problem…but it’s actually the opposite!

Last time I️ went and got my Cumulus shoes the rep told me that I needed to make sure that because ASICS made a change to their shoes (some kind of liner)…I needed to make sure that the socks I was using were running socks…otherwise the inner liner could wear out…or something like that. Truth be told I was half paying attention and more or less just listening to the fact that the socks were on sale and I figured I needed another set of three.

By the time I got home and actually had a chance to use them though, I was quite impressed! They weren’t too heavy like some of the form fitting ones can be, and they fit my little feetsies just right! When they got in my shoes they gave a little cushion and actually felt like the shoes fit a little better! Now look…are these socks going to help me run faster or more efficiently or leap over buildings? Probably not…but hey!…it’s always good to find some good inexpensive socks!


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