Kitty in the tree! – Not that kind.

Just walking through the snow on a beautiful morning or afternoon. Noticing all the fresh flakes falling on the ground, and noticing all those flakes landing on the bushes around you, and then those bushes turn into low branches of brush trees, and then noticing the flakes landing on the upper trees and how white and quiet and cold it is. You see your breath coming out and get a little chill from the icicles in the air…then you notice the flakes streaming down right at your eye level and bam! You look into that tree you were just noticing earlier and right there…peaking out…looking at you like your it’s next Burger King Whopper with Cheese is a freakin Mountain Lion!!!!

Get on the move slide down that hill and don’t look back…ever! Make this the fastest winter run you’ve ever had in your entire life!


Headline gets you alone – Snake in Pants

On the Adam Carolla podcast there is an incredible segment they do…Florida or Germany. This would fit right in! Tell me you don’t read the headline and just laugh out loud! You don’t even need the article!

Night Owl? There’s biology there!

Apparently we are all night owls! Well…in an evolutionary mammal biology sort of way of thinking. Take a look at this! Early mammals lacked the scientific capacity to live during the day, and did better at night time! What are we? Possums? Raccoons! My goodness this is mind blowing! Maybe that’s why in the early stages of maturity we just want to stay out and have a good time until 3am and think nothing of it! Able to get up the next morning for a job and have a good time! Love you guys! But glad we have day time! Gotta get a tan!

It’s like Where’s Waldo! – Quick Hit

Do you see it? Are you sure? Here’s a hint…it’s a monkey! Hahahahaha!

Whoa! Check out this guys teeth! – Quick Hit

I mean seriously! This pretty much speaks for itself, and the fact that his name is Niño, just brings it to a “funny” level! Dude needs a good toothbrush…like metal bristles!

Wolfy/Halloween Baseball! –

In light of the fact that it’s Halloween, and that scary things seem to come out of Texas, this card from Jim Kerns seems to remind me of the 1980s film with Michael J Fox! They can make the joke this is an Amish baseball player, but we all really know that the security guards at the rangers games were all packing silver bullets just in case…don’t we! Hope they didn’t play many night games under a full moon…could have turned mighty ugly might quickly!

I mean literally! This guy looks like the 1940s version of the werewolf guy! No joking! The beard is absolutely incredible and just flat out around the neck like a champ! Back down Andrew Luck! We had a champion well before you could put stubble on there. Aaaawooooo…Werewolf in Dallas!

What have I NOT seen on a run?

This becomes the new question after seeing the picture below someone put as they passed this awkward sign recently in the great sunshine state of Florida. Having run down there numerous times and even on tracks near the Everglades you do come across some black log looking things, and sure enough they have teeth. But…as always…don’t bother them, they won’t bother you…yeah right! Run like hell!

But it made me think…what have I NOT seen on runs, and I’m sure there are a lot, but even this week, came across…let’s see…beaver, possum, raccoon, mouse, chipmunk, large a$$ spider and it’s web and five other ones just like it! You’re welcome everyone who came after me! What else…deer, doe and buck, insects…right in my wide open breathing mouth none the less…how about some birds…hawks…crows…vultures…rabbits…and we can wrap it up with some frogs and egrets.

Heck…I could make a zoo with what I saw this week, and I’m sure there are a million other creepy crawlers out there that could have made there way onto my path during the run to impede my speed. But Gators this time? Sorry…nope. If I do come across something the next time that throws me for a loop, I’ll make sure to ask the local biologist or zoologist what the heck it is, because trust me…the insects sometimes are the ones that look like there from another planet!

FYI…seen dead fish on the road in Florida too!

American Croc video…15 seconds of being fascinated! – Quick Hit

Normally you see these things acting like logs on golf courses. This is an amazing video of them under water in Cuba! Just unreal!!!

This is sick! Amazing Surf video! – Quick Hit

Just let it play…don’t mind the lions fighting about 5 seconds in, and let the pipe wave come over you! Then sit back and enjoy this amazing few moments of the surfing arena! The pipe flow is just Epic!

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