Jesse Orosco…love him.


Wolfy/Halloween Baseball! –

In light of the fact that it’s Halloween, and that scary things seem to come out of Texas, this card from Jim Kerns seems to remind me of the 1980s film with Michael J Fox! They can make the joke this is an Amish baseball player, but we all really know that the security guards at the rangers games were all packing silver bullets just in case…don’t we! Hope they didn’t play many night games under a full moon…could have turned mighty ugly might quickly!

I mean literally! This guy looks like the 1940s version of the werewolf guy! No joking! The beard is absolutely incredible and just flat out around the neck like a champ! Back down Andrew Luck! We had a champion well before you could put stubble on there. Aaaawooooo…Werewolf in Dallas!

Why you watch it on TV – World Series Edition

The World Series started yesterday. Pretty exciting! Two teams that haven’t won in quite some time…Astros never. Additionally, two cities that are notorious for bad traffic!! Case in point, take a look at this ridiculous scene leaving Game 1 in LA circling the stadium trying to leave. What in the heck do you do with this?

“Hi yeah…Uber will be here in 12 hours…no it’s less than a mile away, he’s just stuck in LA traffic.”

“Honey, we’re leaving the game. Should be home by the time Johnny graduates college. Yes dear. I know he begins his ABCs tomorrow.”

Not to mention it was 100 degrees outside for the game! So you couldn’t even enjoy the wait! Was there still traffic by the time the players left? Imagine that horror! Leave a game you just worked your butt off in, to have to go sit in traffic with all those beer laced fans you just sacrificed your body for. Yay LA!

Just a depressing baseball story …

As a lifelong Mets fan (don’t ask how I got here)…the below picture/statement by ESPN personality Darren Rovell, hits right into the breast bone straight into the aortic valve! Not many people really care or remember this little situation the Mets put themselves in, and let me get this straight…continue to put themselves in to this day…or did it just end?…who really cares.

He will get paid until 2035 by the New York Metropolitans. He hasn’t played for them since 1999!!!!!!! Yes…you read that right! Every July 1st he gets another handsome check from the ball club, and here just as if he’s mocking the fan base and industry and club itself…the agent who brokered the deal sits in the TV spot row at the World Series in LA. Thank you sir may I have another…as the Mets sit aside another year passing since ‘86.

Colorado Baseball!

Back in the late 00’s the Rockies went on an incredible run through the back half of the season wining like 100 games in a row right into the playoffs. Ok…a little hyperbole there. But being in the city was like being in the whirlwind of fandom in a city that is sooooo professional football centric it rivals the southeast for college football.

The one game I got to was game 3 against the diamondbacks and the weather was perfectly Coloradish! Now…No…it didn’t look like this below…but it makes sense that it could. That day it was blisteringly 40 degrees and raining, but the 45000 fans in Coors field (even today one of the most underrated baseball parks out there) were all kept warm by the purple monsters winning….and you…yeah…you! That guy and girl who left in like the 4th inning because it was a little wet? Don’t go next time!

So to see if the Rockies had one a few days back, they would have experience this! It just brings back such wonderful weather memories! Thank you MLB for giving Denver the ability to have his happen when the Rockies reach the postseason. Thank you!

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