The dunk that was “It!”

Here is where it all started…well…for me at least. He was a UNC star…sure, and went high in the draft…got it…but when this dunk happened, early on in MJs career, and the persona of the Jumpman was created…it changed everything! Apparel, shoes, hats, shirts, logos, video games, food, commercials, you name it! That jumpman logo was on it, and Nike and the Bulls had a star…and the world changed!

Now he owns a franchise, is a well known gambler, cigar smoker, golfer, and absolutely have it to his high school teammate at his HOF acceptance speech. Dude is ripe!

But here…here…on the floor of Chicago…leaping through the air with the greatest of ease…the Jumpman! Mr….Michael Jordan!


Ball in China in a Chinashop

This is sooooo not good. Sooo not good for these three kids in China who just so happen to play for the UCLA basketball team…and who one of them just so happens to be the brother of the Lakers first round draft pick…who just so happens to be the son of the dad who is extremely vocal about how good his kids are.

They shoplifted in China! Are you kidding me?!? They still have martial law there, don’t they? This is soooo not good. I️ seem to remember some movie a few years back where there were two girl travelers who got caught doing something similar in China and they were held for the rest of their lives. Some weird 2000s movie I️ think. This is soooo not good!

Man Region a No No!

Take this man’s card right now! All he got was a Flagrant 1?!? Dude should be suspended for at least 50 games, and docked $2mil for that shot! No matter if it was to Lebron or not, a flagrant shot right into another man’s region should just be absolutely discouraged upon all discourse!

There is no other way of putting this than just by flat out stating the fact how much pain and discomfort and outward wanting to absolutely keep over and throw up from your throat this action does! This guy should be banned from sports for the rest of time! And don’t tell me it was an accident! The best part is the flop he tries to pull off afterwards trying to make everyone think Lebron did something to him! Sorry man! Your Bad!

Gordon Hayward…dang!

Just horrifying! The Boston Celtics newest addition just had the worst day of his life. Started his new adventure with Kyrie in what both of them are happy to say is a much better sports following than their previous stops (Kyrie just vocalized it for them both), and 5:00 minutes into the first quarter!…the first quarter!…he has a horrifying ankle fracture!

You know it’s bad when the entire home crowd, visiting players, and announcers, aren’t saying a word! The main commentator just shouted repeatedly, “He’s broken his leg, he’s broken his leg.” Man oh man. Good luck Gordon.

Gordon Hayward suffers leg injury in Boston Celtics debut

Jarret Jack! New QB for the Giants! I mean guard for the Knicks!

My goodness Jarret Jack! Did the guys at Georgia Tech not teach you about acceleration velocity and deceleration velocity and arc movement and aerodynamics! I mean whoa! This “launch” into the stratosphere of the Garden was absolutely a Knicks thing to do!

It’s so horrible that the professional team from New York has become an adjective for horrifying play. But consider this heave! Who was he aiming for? Was there a guy not tipping his beer provider appropriately and Jack decided to knock him on the head? Ok…then I get it. Thank Mr. Jack for protecting the unwritten rules of beer proprietor tipping.

Other than that…let’s keep those heaves to a minimum. This thing would have been good from 20 rows behind his own out of bounds line. Maybe he should play QB for the Jets…just sayin…

Even subway seats are blasting the Knicks!

Can someone please confirm this is happening? This FS1 ad campaign on the NYC subway line is just incredible. As a lifelong Knicks fan, hoping and praying for days when it looked like the early 90’s, this just hits right at home. The best ones on there in my humble opinion are the trio of seats right next to each other with “Sit here if you blame (blank).” Truthfully, you could add about five more seats in that row and come up with names like Pat Riley, Isaiah Thomas, etc.

I mean my goodness Knicks! I’m not one to put too much effort into a sports team or even get emotionally attached to one, but it would be nice in this lifetime to actually see the greatest city in the world win at the sport that thrives in those streets.

Play on boys…and I hope this season the ball finds the net a lot more than the previous 23 years!

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