That’s a deal! – Dreamliners!

Who wouldn’t want something called a Dreamliner? Sounds cool…like luxury in the sky….almost like one of these flying cruise ships. “Take a flight on the spectacular new Dreamliner! And get a massage and swim in our pool with a little drink with an umbrella in it.”

But $15 billion worth?!? To be the sales guy on the other side of that deal is just an amazing thought! “Look…buy $15 bil worth and I’ll throw in some leather jackets, and this really cool pen that says Boeing on it and acts as a red light laser pointer for presentations. Do we have a deal???


Gettin Colder…time for boardin’!

There’s a chill in the air…Colorado slopes are starting to open up, and the higher terrains are getting whiter! It’s that time of year when you start dusting off the boots, bringing out those gloves that might have a hole or two in the first finger because of trying to latch your bindings together…if you don’t know you’ve never been. Find that mask…find that helmet…find those linings…and watch this video to get in the mood.

Dudes got a line straight towards the launch, which was shoveled in, and allows a perfectly landed twist and poof into some beautiful powder! Yay!!!

Robot duel!…felt like a baseball game…

Title line sounds amazing! US vs Japan! Robot Duel to the death…for the robots. Only streamed on YouTube…maybe because of the sheer violence…or more truthfully the sheer boredom! This was absolutely a perfect example of the title being much more exciting that the actual event. Apparently it took over three days to complete the task, in a giant warehouse…and after watching it for a minute…man oh man…you’ve got to be some sort of gear head to enjoy that.

The best part was the announcers and sideline reporters being incredibly excited for these hits and stomps by the robots who were actively moving about 5 mph toward each other with huge arms and treads. I believe the pitching changes in the baseball game last night might have had a little more excitement. Sorry y’all…we aren’t quit to rock em sock em robots quite yet.

The USA vs. Japan giant robot duel showed that making giant robots is hard – The Verge

Other schools have recreation…CSU in Ft. Collins has…

You got that right! CSU in Ft Collins…the home of fat tire beer and the town of which Disney World modeled their Main Street after…has launched into a new online venture. Everyone’s banking on the college degree online and going back to get that first, second, third or graduate diploma. Colorado State just made theirs pretty much what you would be expecting from Colorado State.

Now let’s see…could it be farming? Or…agriculture?…or business? All of these would be fine degrees to have from CSU…but nope! They went with absolutely the purest Colorado thing out here….Marijuana Studies! Just kidding! But that would be funny…some kind of alternative agriculture. No for Real though…graduate certificate in Adventure Tourism!!! Well that sounds like the coolest degree in the World! And the slackerist! I’m there!!

This ones all about timing or this guy would be flattened like cheese!

Dudes first off running towards the car…then decides to do a somersault flip jump thingy to make sure he clears the car! The car driver has enough gall to go ahead and have to drive fast enough so that the jump the dude makes is going to have enough time to clear and the car be gone! Are you serious?!!

I’m pretty sure this is all being done at Indy where those nutjobs drink all the milk they want after winning those races, and then bend down to kiss the bricks. This guy should get all the whole chocolate milk he wants for pulling off this stunt!

I just can’t keep myself from thinking of all the times I’ve stayed running…and just by chance happened to lean forward to much or catch a lip on my shoe, or just something basic that throws the timing off…so that here…sayonara buddy boy!…you’re a bug on that cars windshield!

This guy has lived! Vet Skydives!…95! – Quick Hit

Yep! This guy has lived it! He is a vet…oh by the way…the war was World War II! He’s 95! Ninety freaking five! I just hope some days I make it to the end of the day…he’s making it to 95! And….he skydives out of a plane! He’s probably had like 34,000 apples…keeps the doctor away…heart healthy…legs strong…parachute tight!

Guy, flying, pouring a Red Bull – Quick Hit

Why wouldn’t you be flying an airplane, and need something soothing to drink, and have a plastic clear solo cup, and have an open Red Bull sitting next to you, and have the ability and wear-with-all to know exactly when to flip said cup and pour said Red Bull into said cup and then flip said cup back over when you flip your airplane to drink said Red Bull from said solo cup. Why wouldn’t you?!? Maybe that’s why it was Red Bull and not just plain water…because he could do it!

Skimboard Up! Dreads down!

There are so many reasons to love this video. Let’s take it that first he is absolutely heading right for this wave with what seems all the gusto he has left…which looks a little funny since he’s sprinting down the beach barefoot and holding a skim board!

Second…he’s got dreads down to his butt! That’s a hell of a lifestyle and grit in going full in to making that hairstyle last! That’s not just one of those where you can let it go and get all nappy long hair. That’s a dude who has twisted and turned and sapped and curled his dreads for years and years!

Third…he’s flying off that skimboard! Goes right up into the air to take full advantage of the height he has achieved and lands flat in the water! That’s like finding a ledge off into a river or lake that’s got a twenty foot drop and you know the bottom isn’t right under that muck. You’re good to go!

Finally…he’s livin the lifestyle! On the beach…dreads in hand…skimboard all waxed up…flying in the ocean…and he gets on Sportscenter! Yep…my idol indeed! Keep on keepin on. One love…one love indeed.

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Grohl’s First Nirvana Gig…yep…got me!

Yes…he’s been able to take a band…even with a self proclaimed joke name and pretty much make them the greatest band in the last twenty years. But don’t you ever forget that he was a part of the greatest band in the last thirty years as well that influenced just about every piece of rock and roll music since then. It was a tough year in 1994, but from that…it has given birth to arguably the most impactful sounds one will ever hear! Here is that mans first performance with the band they call Nirvana.

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