A Freakin’ Boston Cream Pie! – Reason to Run

Traveling in Boston as a runner there are so many places to go things to do and marathon lines to cross…but this is absolutely not a post about a recent trip to one of the oldest cities in the country…it’s about one of the oldest deserts in that old city and how incredibly good it actually is…and how when you are in this Running town you need to run extra far so that you can partake in this incredible desert multiple times in multiple locations!!!

The Boston Cream Pie…which apparently didn’t look like a Pie at all in its original form when it was invented in the Parker House hotel in downtown Boston.

It looked more like a pastry wrapped in coconut bristles and then glazed over the top with chocolate and served with whip cream and strawberries. But man oh man who cares!!! It’s good! Not to mention that the whip cream is usually homemade and the cake is as fluffy as you can expect!

Look…there are all sorts of reiterations of this now to include actual pies and pastries and the basic donut from Dunkin….which to be honest are all pretty gosh darn good and no matter where you are all of these are worth the extra run in order to have them.

Just make sure the one you get has extra custard (not cream) and a nice fluffy cake and of course topped with chocolate! You’ll be alright!


Mmmm…Snickers…Yum – Reason to Run

This one is pretty simple.  So it will probably be one of the shorter food choices and posts here, because there is nothing to cook, nothing to behold, and nothing to really go long on.  And truth be told, this one actually may…may help you when you need a quick pick me up after a long run!  I mean it’s got Peanuts and Nugget and chocolate…ok…salivating over here.  I LOVE SNICKERS!

They are so, so, so good!  I feel so bad for folks who cannot partake in this wonderful delightful treat that can just make the world go round.  Their marketing is pretty funny too, especially with the unique names that they put on front.  I am pretty prone to picking up the dopey or Princess ones when they are available.  So all in all, as we wrap up the Halloween candy pieces around the house…these are some of the first to go…mainly by me, and then from then on out, it’s just a simple keep the day moving kind of snack that always feels better after having gone on a long run so you know you can cheat a little!  Hunger’s medicine!


Overdue – Halloween Burgers – Reason to Run

Every Halloween! Yep! For as long as I can remember. Now look, in order to eat all the candy you want that night and not feel quite as bad, it might be a good idea to get that jog in in the morning or early afternoon. That extra snickers mini has to go somewhere…but before all the sweet munchies get had by you…stealing from your kids bags…come on…let’s be real here, you have to eat dinner! Right?

Most folks go the easy route of take out pizza or just whatever is on the docket for being made that night, but tradition can hold some simple and easy manifestations, and in this case, it’s centered around the pumpkin face! In this creation…hamburger with cheese!

Take your plain ol hamburger, however the heck you want to prepare it, 80%, half chuck, half whatever, all turkey…if that’s your thing, frozen, I’m gonna judge you on that one…sorry…and make your patties. Then, grill as you always do…until ready to serve, and then just before you take them off the grill, melt some basic American cheese on there! If you are on a no cheese diet…back off…it’s halloween…cheat! However, before you place said cheese on said burger, cut out a pumpkin happy face in there with the missing tooth!

Now…it’s Halloween…burger style!

Dude…your pizza can’t be that good!

Ok…so pizza…when I think of pizza, it’s pretty much a “kids” meal, and a Friday night hanging out with the family enjoying friends type of gathering. What type of place is this that is not going to allow kids in? Are you a moron? Watch any good 80s movie and it’s like salt and pepper or peanut butter and jelly. There’s Kids…and…Pizza! You eliminate kids, dollars go down…profits go down…your making pizza on the sidewalk. Sorry man, but bad choice…bad choice!


Homemade Buffalo Wings! – Reason to Run

Birthday meal! Yep! Look…when you got multiple kids and the age range just doesn’t make it conducive to bring them to a restaurant right now, you have to improvise when you want bar food at home, and we hit the spot!

Break out the Franks Red Hot and the Deep Fryer! We got homemade buffalo wings!!! Remember…this is not always the healthy alternative here. One of the main reasons I run is because I love to eat! So here is a perfect example of going for a long run in the morning so you can enjoy the multiple levels of wings that you can make!

Fry me up for 5 minutes a piece…obviously after you’ve broken them apart into Flats and Drums…bring em in, dose them in an 8 x 12 with a Franks and butter concoction and bake for some amount of time you can find on google. Sooooooo good!

Pick your favorite accompaniment of dipping sauces (Marie’s Blue Cheese right here), and you are in seventh heaven of bar food at home! How many tonight? Only a simple swell of 12, but had cake afterwards, so couldn’t quite fill up on all wings. We did have some extra though for a late night snack!

White Fish Burrito – Reason to Run

Take a fish…fry it…or grilled, who cares…put lettuce, mango salsa, black beans, some rice, cilantro pepper sauce, and guacamole into a flour (not trying to be healthy here) tortilla, wrap it in tin foil, and just give me a seat out by the ocean to enjoy…

Fish burritos…notice I didn’t say tacos…are amazing! Look, love fish tacos, but sometimes the whole corn tortilla thing puts a damper on it.

Give me some diced up onions, pico, warm tortilla chips, fish burrito, and we got a thing going all the way down my gullet! Mahi, Grouper, Cod, Pan…all so tasty! Marinate those suckers in some mojo sauce or even just blackened with some good ol rub and I’m in heaven! Get the burrito and that right there my friends is another reason to run!

“Melt in your mouth fluffy” Pumpkin Apple Bread Slices – Reason to Run

There are too many ways to express how good this piece of bread is during the fall time and it comes around.  Because if it came around every week of the year, you’d be hearing from a 500lb fat person…even though I run!  This is sooooooooo good!

First off, it’s apple season, so the cooking apples are absolutely amazing anyway.  Then you add into the factor that it’s fall, and the pumpkin flavors are all over the place.  So you can get prime pumpkin seasoning to go here…no not pumpkin spice!  Then…throw on top the absolute mother load of them all…sugar!  It just makes the top of this masterpiece crusted over, and wholesome!  OK…maybe not wholesome…but definitely wholesomely tasty.

This mixture of ingredients really can’t be classified as a true bread loaf…or maybe I guess it could be and we all are thinking of bread differently.  I mean it’s not going to be sliced thin and placed on the bookends of two pieces of meat!  It would be amazing…trust me…but the way to eat this guy is toast it up…and then slather some butter (not margarine!) all over one end…or both if you’re extreme.  Even then…I wouldn’t even truly consider this a lunch time or dinner time sandwich or side toast…this thing is a true desert…or midnight snack…or daytime snack…or 2nd breakfast snack…truth be told…it doesn’t even last a day in the house.

This is one of those…that if you don’t exercise after eating 2…OK 3…OK 5 slices of it…then you might start feeling a little…slower.  These carbs don’t help you run faster.  Sorry!


Huh…too much caffeine?

At first glance I read this article from CNN and basically pushed it aside and left it to the hundreds if not thousands of times someone somewhere has told me/us the general population to put the coffee/energy drink down. (Love the smell…can’t stand the taste – y’all know what I mean). But then I started in on the article and started to read how it all adds up.

Do I have a caffeine problem? Do I need to cut back? Do I need to drink more water? Do I need to stop worrying and just be a little healthier in general? Well yeah…probably all of the above! I mean come on! We all do! There isn’t a single person out there who probably doesn’t think to themselves… “I wish I didn’t eat as much kimichi last night.” Or hot dog or pizza or rice or whatever!

Over indulging causes problems…period! So be moderate! Look…those 5 hour sleep nights that sometimes happen just need a little extra pick me up than the normal kickstart in the morning (which by the way is a pretty good drink). In the end…take the article for what it’s worth and then personalize it…like we all should do.

The caffeine ‘detox’: How and why to cut back on your daily fix – CNN


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