This is football 9 weeks in…

Who in the heck had these four leading the NFC?!? Seriously! Eagles…what? Most people had the giants or Cowboys going to the super bowl! Eagles probably third or fourth in the division!

Saints!! That deserves two exclamations…although…any team Drew Brees is on pretty much deserves a good grade to start out. But dang! I mean the Falcons who literally alomosf killed the patriots in last years debacle and then the Bucs who everyone thought they had the golden child of QBs before he started eating his hand…the saints!

Then the Vikings…but without either QB that they thought would be taking them this far! What in the…

Finally the biggest “what the” of them all…the LA Rams! A QB who was basically left for dead, an rookie head coach, and then in the same division as the Seahawks! Whatever!

At this point give me a chicken in a helmet and I’ll say that they have a better chance of making the super bowl than any pick any one else is going to give!


CFB Rankings make me go what?!?

What?!? Ok…I think they got the teams somewhat right. The first six are pretty much aligned to have them all be in succession of making the playoff if they win out. But is Georgia really better than Alabama right now? Truth be told…doesn’t matter because they’ll probably play each other in the SEC championship…

Now Notre Dame at 3? Well…ok…I guess. Are they that much better than Oklahoma and OSU?

Needless to say…it’s gonna be a hell of a finish, and if you don’t win…you ain’t in! Period…except if your Alabama. Their in no matter what. Right?

Jimmy G…gone to the Niners!

Well there you go…Bill Belichik officially believes Jimmy G is not the QB of the future…or Tom Brady just told him he’s going to retire and Bill said… “Well ok then. Me too!” Here’s a second round pick. Do what you will Patriots.

This guy is tough…real tough!

Not many people know who this person is even though he plays one of the worlds most popular sports. Why then would he be almost completely unknown? He is one of, if not the best at his position…absolutely owns the other teams when they play…has been to multiple all star games…and was a top draft pick.

Well…Joe Thomas…I mean look at his name…it’s even pretty ordinary…plays offensive line…not a glam position…for the worst team in the last twenty years in the NFL. He’s essentially their best player and their franchise. He is an incredible listen when he gets on TV or the radio. He is extremely intelligent, well spoken, and literally…just wants to play football.

For the first time in his long illustrious career…he’s been injured and will require surgery and time off. He has played every snap since his rookie year…up until now. That’s amazing!!! Some days I don’t feel like moving because I have a headache!

Pick your head up Joe…take the time to go fishing…which is what you did on your draft day anyways…and enjoy. It’ll be there when you get back!

This isn’t just Falcons football…it’s all of football!

Someone from Barstool posted a fairly accurate rendition of Kramer emulating what it’s like to watch Falcons football, but I would believe it would be safe to say it’s pretty damn accurate that it’s emulating all football!

On Saturday, seven ranked teams lost…which is a record…which means that it’s all a kerflugin! Not one sane person has any idea who is going to be in the CFB playoff. It’s a joke if you think you do. Maybe Alabama has what it takes, but if they lose to Auburn would we be the least bit surprised or lose to UGA in Atlanta? How about Clemson…oh wait…they got Clemsoned on Friday.

The NFL is just as crazy! At one point today after the Dolphins beat the Falcons…yes…the Dolphins beat the Falcons…the entire AFC East was 3-2. Yes…that division includes the team that many thought might have a shot at 18-0, and then three other teams that had a good shot at going 0-16. OK…maybe not that bad, but still.

What’s the point? Not a single person knows! Oh…and by the way…Aaron Rodgers is now done for the season! Bye Bye Green Bay!

Russian Football Fight…I think?

This looks like a severe version of what happens in college football when Vanderbilt upsets Alabama…which never happens. Now normally, these would be a bunch of drunk college students and fans just storming the field to celebrate with the team and hopefully in the spirit of celebration bend off some goalposts (darn you to the person who invented the hitch down goalpost!).

But this here on the soccer field in Russia looks like something a little less friendly! This looks like an all out riot and the speed at which this swarm of fans approaches the other side is downright alarming! It literally looks like the battle sequence in Braveheart…just from a different vantage point. Man oh man I hope the refs got outta there alright…cause that could get nasty real fast!…especially with a few Russian vodkas in ya!

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