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Through almost twenty years of running the different types of footwear and socks are too numerous to count, and the fact that it would even come to think about actually noticing a difference in them is somewhat interesting at this point unless i was absolutely all of a sudden having a major problem…but it’s actually the opposite!

Last time I️ went and got my Cumulus shoes the rep told me that I needed to make sure that because ASICS made a change to their shoes (some kind of liner)…I needed to make sure that the socks I was using were running socks…otherwise the inner liner could wear out…or something like that. Truth be told I was half paying attention and more or less just listening to the fact that the socks were on sale and I figured I needed another set of three.

By the time I got home and actually had a chance to use them though, I was quite impressed! They weren’t too heavy like some of the form fitting ones can be, and they fit my little feetsies just right! When they got in my shoes they gave a little cushion and actually felt like the shoes fit a little better! Now look…are these socks going to help me run faster or more efficiently or leap over buildings? Probably not…but hey!…it’s always good to find some good inexpensive socks!


Do the shoes make you faster?

I love the magazine wired…and when they take on a running or exercise trend and try and see if the technology actually does what it says it’s going to do, it just makes for a fun and fun-ny article from a technology magazine talking about sports. Granted I’m sure they have some great writers on staff who specialize in sports type of tech and gear and focus all their efforts on making sure their kept up to date on the latest foams and leathers that can make you run faster…

So when I️ saw this article this week talking about the new Nike’s (marathon specific) shoes asking whether they make you run a faster marathon, I️ immediately started to laugh. Look…shoes can make a difference, but as we say there Sunday and watched Shalane just absolutely kick it into eight gear there the last few miles and just absolutely pull away from the pack and the final two trailers, I hardly think it was “all about the shoes” as Spike use to say.

Granted…she was wearing the new Nikes…but check the article to see if they are really making the difference, or if it’s also the hours upon hours of personal training, personal nutritionists, sponsored sessions, meal plans, gear, and other factors like genetics that got her to the end. Gotta love tech!

Cumulus 18s…Yes…I know I’m Behind!

So got my new/old pair of running shoes here recently, and figured it was time for a review of a shoe that’s been out there for at least a year!  That’s about my timing on this thing, so let’s have at it!

Got the Asics Gel Cumulus 18s here recently, and so far so good!  The cushioning is like a cloud, and the bounce is just what the doctor called for…except I don’t have a doctor, and therefore he or she didn’t call for anything.  Anyways..the shoes are great!

There is one caveat though.  So I’ve been running in all sorts of shoes for the last twenty years, and all different brands, and sizes, and shapes and colors (although I am prone to the neon bright ones).  Usually after a few pairs of the same shoe, I can fine tune exactly which size I need and how it’s going to fit the toe box (which by the way was completely good to go on these things).  But what Asics did with this version of the shoe, was eliminate a massive piece of stitching up near the big toe.  What this causes is pre-mature wear and tear right where the big toe touches the webbing, and on the first pair I had, caused a big fat big toe hole to form.  Not cool when you actually wear your old worn shoes for other work purposes.  Can’t quite wear those bad boys out anymore unless its to do yard work.

So…for running?  Awesome!  Wear and Tear?  Could have given me a heads up to go a size up since you are removing stitching.  Oh…and if there are any shoe companies that want to send me some stuff to try out…no problem!  I have two feet that would be itchin (well not itchin…it’s just an expression…I don’t have the funk or anything) to take some boots for a ride.  Well…not boots..actual running shoes…oh forget…you get the point.


Brooks Running “Levitating”

I mean come on! It was right there for the taking! Their new shoe is called the “Levitate,” and the article is about rising sales for the company! Get it? Anyways…look not my personal show of choice, but you can only show serious respect for a running company doing…well…running things!

The article really gives a nice quick insight as to who they are, where they’ve come and ultimately where they are going. They do have serious capital being a Berkshire Hathaway company, but still look to be acting on their own to develop more Levitation! Puns intended all over the place on this one!

Run Happy Brooks! Run Happy!

Interval death!

Too cold outside…like really cold! Ok, it was like 30, but that’s cold!…and I was due for a strength workout…and what does that mean?!? It’s interval on the treadmill time! Yay!

Now look, the days of the old treadmills at the gym in which if you out the speed above 6.5 you feel like the thing is going to literally shake apart, or fly straight forward even though you’re literally just going at a normal jog pace are in fact over. These new machines have all kinds of widgets and gizmos and if you read the news…ways to incorporate your wearable tech with the actual treadmill! That’s pretty cool!

But the one piece of tech that they made so much easier with these new tracks is a simple button push. Most of the older treadmills had two speed variation, but it was almost just easier to beep it up to your fast pace and then beep it down to your recovery pace! Trying to computerize an analog screen was a bit tedious. Now…it’s literally as simple as having both speeds on the screen with a simple button push, and they put the buttons at the bottom so they don’t get in the way of the personal TV you now have! Hahaha!

Now if they could just somehow make it easier when you hit that higher speed…that’s the killer.

Tech Myths…busted! – or those little green guys…

New York Times put out this story here just debunking 5 of the most common tech myths out there centered around really our personal devices. The one that I always harken back to and have always had an issue with and still wonder about today is…bump bump bumpaaaa…the charging battery!

Do you need to let a battery fully go down to zero before recharging it? Gosh I hope not and apparently you don’t. Even though I continue to read these articles about it and learn about Nickel versus Lithium…I’m still so antsy every time I take my phone or iPad or any electronic and plug it into the wall with 50% left. “Is my phones battery going to deteriorate?” “Is that the end of my battery now that I’ve plugged it in?” Maybe I’m just being an idiot about it, and haven’t learn to let it go…but if my battery powered headphones or Apple Watch start losing their life sooner and sooner?….it’s probably just the Gremlins!

Five Tech Myths People Still Believe – The New York Times

The ultimate running gear article…

So where do we go from here? That’s the question posed by this article from CNN, and the manufacturers and scientists behind the future of fitness tracking technology…and it’s some pretty cool stuff!!

A shirt that tracks your heart rate?!? A drone that follows you to get all your information? (Just hope the drone doesn’t turn Skynet and attack you mid 10 mile run).

This is the future! But to be honest, one of the most interesting pieces about this article that took me for a loop was the history of the future…huh you say? Well, turns out Adidas has actually been doing this since 1984! That number is pretty apropos considering the infamous “big brother” novel of the same year. Apparently back then they incorporated a small computer in the tongue of the shoe! Pretty cool. The only technology I remember in a shoe was the “pump” from Reebok! Those were cool!

So the future is here, and now that I just got my Apple 2, and 3 has just been launched, this says wrists are being phased out. Well, I guess being a minimalist that I am that’s a great future to behold! Just wish I hadn’t put down $300 on a brand new watch… 😦

What the future holds for fitness technology – CNN

Other schools have recreation…CSU in Ft. Collins has…

You got that right! CSU in Ft Collins…the home of fat tire beer and the town of which Disney World modeled their Main Street after…has launched into a new online venture. Everyone’s banking on the college degree online and going back to get that first, second, third or graduate diploma. Colorado State just made theirs pretty much what you would be expecting from Colorado State.

Now let’s see…could it be farming? Or…agriculture?…or business? All of these would be fine degrees to have from CSU…but nope! They went with absolutely the purest Colorado thing out here….Marijuana Studies! Just kidding! But that would be funny…some kind of alternative agriculture. No for Real though…graduate certificate in Adventure Tourism!!! Well that sounds like the coolest degree in the World! And the slackerist! I’m there!!

Nomad/Sport Apple Watch Band – Gear Review

When I got my Apple Watch Series 2 here a few months back I pretty much loved everything about! It was slick, sweet, integrated into my phone, and for fitness purposes allowed this non technical runner to take my training to literally the next level. Now notice I said “pretty much” loved everything about it. There was always something that bothered me about the watch and how it came from Apple, and even the 3rd party pieces affiliated with it. Why in the heck couldn’t someone make a thicker band for thicker wrists!

The thin tapered bands always looked so silly and ridiculous on larger arms like you were wearing some sort of ladies watch band with a mans watch face! Give me some girth! Give me some flow! Give me something to take on the day-thickness!

Well I think I found it. The Nomad-Sport Watch band, which came out in July is the perfect fit for those with say “larger” needs. It’s got a great thick band that looks smooth right up to the Apple Watch without a pinching Apple standard band taper. The Nomad has a sleek look with a green that almost makes it look like the Nike version.

With its silicone make, it won’t feel harsh or stiff, and won’t get in the way of your arms flailing all over. Hooks in nicely on the bottom notches and overall is pretty sweet. Nomad’s got a good one here!

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