Oh CNN – the basics of running – I guess – Quick Hit

CNN decided to make an article about the unique things that “happen” to you when you run for long periods of time.  All of which are true by the way…it was just really laugh out loud funny to see all of them in one place!  Oh my…it sounds incredibly horrible…and why would you put yourself through this…and why would anyone do this insane things to themselves all to have potty and chafing problems!!!

Because it’s freakin awesome!  Haven’t you ever heard of a runner’s high before???

Sorry CNN – but you almost make it sound like you DON’T want people to run… (black nails, weird toes, etc.)…which by the way sounds more like a shoe problem then anything else.



Ohhh slingshot…sooo funny! – Quick Hit

Why oh why oh why would you think this wouldn’t happen? I know that sounds weird…but it’s pretty simple. Take a person bending a tree that’s not breaking and let that person hang on for dear life and see what happens when every other sane person lets go and the last one on the end doesn’t…whammo! Worst part…it’s not even into water…

This costume is insane!!! – Quick Hit

Yep…he wins! Where the heck is the person’s head? Where are the real arms? How heavy is this monstrosity? What the heck is this even supposed to be portraying?!? My goodness this is incredible!

It’s like Where’s Waldo! – Quick Hit

Do you see it? Are you sure? Here’s a hint…it’s a monkey! Hahahahaha!

Running Halloween Witches! – Quick Hit

Not quite the shirt most folks would want to wear, but pretty appropriate for today…unless you truly are a person of a certain religious order drawing pentagrams on the floor asking for an occult type of message from beyond the grave. Just sayin.’

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