That’s a deal! – Dreamliners!

Who wouldn’t want something called a Dreamliner? Sounds cool…like luxury in the sky….almost like one of these flying cruise ships. “Take a flight on the spectacular new Dreamliner! And get a massage and swim in our pool with a little drink with an umbrella in it.”

But $15 billion worth?!? To be the sales guy on the other side of that deal is just an amazing thought! “Look…buy $15 bil worth and I’ll throw in some leather jackets, and this really cool pen that says Boeing on it and acts as a red light laser pointer for presentations. Do we have a deal???


Driverless Crash – Only in Vegas…

One hour in…yep! One hour into making its maiden voyage, the driverless trolley system carrying passengers on Fremont in Vegas got into a fender bender. So…let’s extrapolate that out…

This means that that one driver/artificial intelligence/computer will get into a wreck every hour…which would be 24 bumps per day…which would be 168 hits per week and 8,760 crashes per year…for a single driver!!! I think the French company who developed this little buggy needs to readdress their safety protocols within the computer module. Just sayin.’

Ohhh slingshot…sooo funny! – Quick Hit

Why oh why oh why would you think this wouldn’t happen? I know that sounds weird…but it’s pretty simple. Take a person bending a tree that’s not breaking and let that person hang on for dear life and see what happens when every other sane person lets go and the last one on the end doesn’t…whammo! Worst part…it’s not even into water…

Flying Uber!

If this is for real…then man oh man! Living in one of the most congested cities in the country and absolutely dreading each and every time the commute Gods line it up so that I’m having to head home right at the height of rush hour just makes me absolutely cringe! Now look, I get the fact that this is all futureistic and Uber still has some stuff to get through, but this article by Verge does outline the fact that things might be not too far away. After all…it really does look more possible than say a Jules Verne novel ever did. Fly me away Uber! I’m ready!

Episode VIII

I’m a kid of the 80’s, so Star Wars was/is a huge part of my life. I’m in no way a cosplay member of the San Diego Comic Con or anything, but count me in when it ever comes on TV.

I’ll take any version, any story, and any character in the whole Sci-Fi Opera as they put it.

When I saw this post on Instagram a few months back, I had to have it…well…because it was just too perfect:

Please oh please oh please……..Not Luke!

It makes you stop and say…whoa…

Pictures really do have the ability to make you stop every once in a while and make you say “whoa!” This was a moment in time captured right at that specific moment in which something came together and these two individuals had the chance to shake hands and look each other in the eye and just make some connection.

For the acting President, it might have been the smallest connection he may have had that day, but for the young gentlemen with whom he was shaking hands, it obviously had a greater impact. Take all personal politics and future dealings aside, this really is just one of those moments in time when two highly powerful people (given at different times in US government) came together and said “Hello.” Huh.

Dude…your pizza can’t be that good!

Ok…so pizza…when I think of pizza, it’s pretty much a “kids” meal, and a Friday night hanging out with the family enjoying friends type of gathering. What type of place is this that is not going to allow kids in? Are you a moron? Watch any good 80s movie and it’s like salt and pepper or peanut butter and jelly. There’s Kids…and…Pizza! You eliminate kids, dollars go down…profits go down…your making pizza on the sidewalk. Sorry man, but bad choice…bad choice!

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