The most NYC response possible!

Right here! This is absolutely the most New York response possible to some idiot driving a rented truck to mow down innocent bystanders to try and make us all scared. Leave it to the citizens of the greatest city in the world to flat out tell this guy…back the heck off, and let us do our thing! We will not be scared, or frightened by your actions! We will not be turned away because you want to make a point. Yes…we will grieve and mourn as we should…but when it’s our time to party and have a good time, your stupidity and lack of human decency will not keep us out of it.

Back the heck off moron! This is NYC!


Not to condone it…but…

I don’t think anyone condones the below message as something all full fledged college students should do…but this does bring up an interesting point here. Although for the sake of the GOT world, I kinda hope the last one works out. If not…well…then their all ice zombies working towards a galactic popsicle here soon, and college really won’t matter for anyone any more since the Citadel will just be a giant bombsicle…if you catch my drift.

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Samwell 😄😄

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Every once in a while two things come together and it’s just a pure coincidental piece of magic. This week I literally started the Netflix series Ozark, and not to spoil too much here…there is this self-proclaimed hillbilly family right there on the Lake who supposedly got ran out of town when they damned up the river and then flooded it to produce the now resort style lakefront properties that are keeping the towns afloat (pun intended).

Well this family has one main source of income, and it is properly shown as they walk through their vast mountain acreage to emerge into an enormous field of poppy flowers that would be hidden from any normal person’s view. Then they have some sort of vast distribution network and blah blah blah.

So then this picture pops up today and immediately I knew what these were!!! I haven’t seen poppy flowers since the Wizard of Oz! And all we knew about them then was that they were sleepy flowers for Dorothy and the Lion! Tinman rusted up and all we had left was Scarecrow!

Well the Mexican mountains here obviously make these seem so much more picturesque then say either the sleepified version our childhood heroes step into or the redneck mountain folks have growing in their property for less than legal purposes. But it was amazing how all three converged today on this peculiar flower that truly does not come up all too often. Poppies…sleep…sleep…

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Photo by @christian_foto ( Christian Rodriguez ) Guerrero is the number one producer of poppy flower in Mexico. On a global scale, Guerrero shares the first place with Afghanistan. Mexico provides more than 90 percent of US’s heroin. The poppy flower has become an economic support for many families in the "Sierra de Guerrero" ( Guerrero mountain chain), since it is much more profitable than any other crop. Due to the high poverty rates, many peasants prefer to grow the poppy flower in order to cover their basic needs. There is a direct link between violence in Mexico and the records of heroin use in the United States. During the last decade, heroin use in the United States has increased fivefold and addiction has tripled. Photo by @christian_foto #Guerrero #poppy #heroin #mexico

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It’s that kind of week…good Halloween costumes…

The last week of October always brings out some of the best. Absolutely one of the more raucous nights of the year, with the extravaganzas and costume saures that are happening. It’s always also a re-read like looking at the December 31st edition of the paper of news recapping the latest in stories, headlines, births, deaths and events. The focus on this specific one though was downright straight to the heart painful. We couldn’t even tie Trinidad and Tobago on a high school field!!! So…I give you…one mans rendition of…the death of the USMNT. Don’t say they don’t deserve it.

Wolfy/Halloween Baseball! –

In light of the fact that it’s Halloween, and that scary things seem to come out of Texas, this card from Jim Kerns seems to remind me of the 1980s film with Michael J Fox! They can make the joke this is an Amish baseball player, but we all really know that the security guards at the rangers games were all packing silver bullets just in case…don’t we! Hope they didn’t play many night games under a full moon…could have turned mighty ugly might quickly!

I mean literally! This guy looks like the 1940s version of the werewolf guy! No joking! The beard is absolutely incredible and just flat out around the neck like a champ! Back down Andrew Luck! We had a champion well before you could put stubble on there. Aaaawooooo…Werewolf in Dallas!

Happiest Places – Hint: USA Didn’t make the cut

Do you live in the Happiest place on the planet? Well apparently 300+ million people don’t…but the happy neighbors to the North do! It’s interesting here…there are zero!…yes…zero warm weather countries on this list! What does that say? Who knows. But if you travel just within the US and notice the major places that are “healthy and happy” it’s always Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Minnesota. This kind of falls in line with this National Geographic study showing the happiest countries. So be cold…be happy? Huh…

John Fitzgerald Kennedy – Today

Time put out this article basically outlining exactly why it is an important day in the life and times of JFK. 11/22/63, was an immense sad time, and apparently today numerous documents were released to assist in the fact finding of what truly happened.

One of my favorite movies of all time was the film by Oliver Stone, appropriately titled JFK with Kevin Costner. Based on the movie there were some incredible insights into what might have happened, and what these documents set to release might entail.

It’s important, we have a right to see it, and understand it all. Sorry for being so serious.

Thousands of Files on JFK’s Assassination Are Now Public, Offering a Chance to Answer Lingering Questions – TIME

Tech Myths…busted! – or those little green guys…

New York Times put out this story here just debunking 5 of the most common tech myths out there centered around really our personal devices. The one that I always harken back to and have always had an issue with and still wonder about today is…bump bump bumpaaaa…the charging battery!

Do you need to let a battery fully go down to zero before recharging it? Gosh I hope not and apparently you don’t. Even though I continue to read these articles about it and learn about Nickel versus Lithium…I’m still so antsy every time I take my phone or iPad or any electronic and plug it into the wall with 50% left. “Is my phones battery going to deteriorate?” “Is that the end of my battery now that I’ve plugged it in?” Maybe I’m just being an idiot about it, and haven’t learn to let it go…but if my battery powered headphones or Apple Watch start losing their life sooner and sooner?….it’s probably just the Gremlins!

Five Tech Myths People Still Believe – The New York Times

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