Wait…Italy might not make it? WC

Wait…just…a…minute! Italy! The team that won the whole darn thing just a few years ago…the land of European teams like Milan and Roma and world powers…might not make the World Cup?!? How is this possible??? This would be like Germany not making it the next time around! Whoa nelly!


Am I a bad person for thinking this? – Soccer

When I saw the capture below, the immediate thought in my head was … “Well…at least someone is using his talent right now…cause the USMNT sure isn’t, and won’t be for the next few years!” Then, almost immediately after that, I started to actually ponder on what this headline is actually telling me!

You’re saying that we have had a constant pipeline of American talent rushing through one of the best leagues in the World for Soccer over the last 27 years, and we can’t even break a tie with Trinidad and Tobago with what is supposedly a really good team?!? Where is all this pipeline of talent that is so good for the German leagues being sent?!? Why isn’t it showing back up on the USMNT doorstep so we can actually make the tournament of all tournaments? I mean seriously! What in the heck is going on here?!?

Best (Well header) goals of all time!

All he does is jump really high…put his big fat noggin in the way and blam! Gets a goal! I think that should deserve it considering he’s probably sitting there at this point trying I figure out who he is and why he’s got all these people around him saying… “Good job man!”

I mean seriously!…with a kick from a goalie like that directly into the front of your face, it has to! Has to! Cause some sort of brain dislodgment! He has to at least have some sort of blank spot not really knowing if he made the goal or how it came to be. Look at that strike from the goalie!

Keep on headin bud. Maybe you’ll get a hat trick next time. Get it? Heading…Hat…

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Just like he drew it up. #SCNotTop10

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It’s that kind of week…good Halloween costumes…

The last week of October always brings out some of the best. Absolutely one of the more raucous nights of the year, with the extravaganzas and costume saures that are happening. It’s always also a re-read like looking at the December 31st edition of the paper of news recapping the latest in stories, headlines, births, deaths and events. The focus on this specific one though was downright straight to the heart painful. We couldn’t even tie Trinidad and Tobago on a high school field!!! So…I give you…one mans rendition of…the death of the USMNT. Don’t say they don’t deserve it.

ATL United – Oh Well…

Bear with me. This won’t be long, but what this…remember this…expansion!…team did here these past few months was just incredible! They started the season in a makeshift college football stadium, and I’m not talking one of these brand new college football stadiums. This was the GT stadium which is downtown and has been there for-ev-er!…as Spinx would say.

Then…they move their entire operations into a brand new stadium and have to learn the schematics, hold on to the attention, all the while the excitement of college football begins.

Finally…they have to take their entire roster of players…young…old…and all new to the ATL area and make them something of a cohesive unit. Look, if they finished middle of the pack and didnt make the playoffs, nobody would have thought twice here.

But nooooo. They scored more goals than anyone…had sellouts in the massive college stadium….then turned that around and had 70,000 people at multiple games in the new stadium! Are…you…kidding! Then!…they get into the playoffs! Keep it up men…this cities got your back for years to come!

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