Wait…Italy might not make it? WC

Wait…just…a…minute! Italy! The team that won the whole darn thing just a few years ago…the land of European teams like Milan and Roma and world powers…might not make the World Cup?!? How is this possible??? This would be like Germany not making it the next time around! Whoa nelly!


McGregor is insane!

Why is he not everywhere?!? He has taken over he entire realm of combat sports! He’s not even fighting in this match…and even more to the point, it’s in an arena and sanction that competes with the UFC!…his card! It’s just great! He leaps over the cage! Isn’t that supposed to be there to keep people out or keep the fighters in? You know…human cage fighting?!? Anyways…

He’s an actual comic book character come to life. It’s just incredible. I absolutely can not wait for whatever comes his way next. No matter what the odds, it will be incredible…Oh…by the way…it might be a suspension since he went right after the ref in the ring in this match…that again…he was not fighting in!!! Love it!

The dunk that was “It!”

Here is where it all started…well…for me at least. He was a UNC star…sure, and went high in the draft…got it…but when this dunk happened, early on in MJs career, and the persona of the Jumpman was created…it changed everything! Apparel, shoes, hats, shirts, logos, video games, food, commercials, you name it! That jumpman logo was on it, and Nike and the Bulls had a star…and the world changed!

Now he owns a franchise, is a well known gambler, cigar smoker, golfer, and absolutely have it to his high school teammate at his HOF acceptance speech. Dude is ripe!

But here…here…on the floor of Chicago…leaping through the air with the greatest of ease…the Jumpman! Mr….Michael Jordan!

Natural launch pad!

It’s like God took a wedge and absolutely channeled it right into the side of this mountain creating this perfect launching pad for this rider! Where else to go but down down down! At full full full speed! Yet again…see you at the bottom with hopefully all your limbs still attached. My goodness this is beautiful!

Ball in China in a Chinashop

This is sooooo not good. Sooo not good for these three kids in China who just so happen to play for the UCLA basketball team…and who one of them just so happens to be the brother of the Lakers first round draft pick…who just so happens to be the son of the dad who is extremely vocal about how good his kids are.

They shoplifted in China! Are you kidding me?!? They still have martial law there, don’t they? This is soooo not good. I️ seem to remember some movie a few years back where there were two girl travelers who got caught doing something similar in China and they were held for the rest of their lives. Some weird 2000s movie I️ think. This is soooo not good!


Brooks Running “Levitating”

I mean come on! It was right there for the taking! Their new shoe is called the “Levitate,” and the article is about rising sales for the company! Get it? Anyways…look not my personal show of choice, but you can only show serious respect for a running company doing…well…running things!

The article really gives a nice quick insight as to who they are, where they’ve come and ultimately where they are going. They do have serious capital being a Berkshire Hathaway company, but still look to be acting on their own to develop more Levitation! Puns intended all over the place on this one!

Run Happy Brooks! Run Happy!


Man Region a No No!

Take this man’s card right now! All he got was a Flagrant 1?!? Dude should be suspended for at least 50 games, and docked $2mil for that shot! No matter if it was to Lebron or not, a flagrant shot right into another man’s region should just be absolutely discouraged upon all discourse!

There is no other way of putting this than just by flat out stating the fact how much pain and discomfort and outward wanting to absolutely keep over and throw up from your throat this action does! This guy should be banned from sports for the rest of time! And don’t tell me it was an accident! The best part is the flop he tries to pull off afterwards trying to make everyone think Lebron did something to him! Sorry man! Your Bad!

CFB Rankings make me go what?!?

What?!? Ok…I think they got the teams somewhat right. The first six are pretty much aligned to have them all be in succession of making the playoff if they win out. But is Georgia really better than Alabama right now? Truth be told…doesn’t matter because they’ll probably play each other in the SEC championship…

Now Notre Dame at 3? Well…ok…I guess. Are they that much better than Oklahoma and OSU?

Needless to say…it’s gonna be a hell of a finish, and if you don’t win…you ain’t in! Period…except if your Alabama. Their in no matter what. Right?

Mountain Bike Utah Madness!

This guy is flipping like crazy and is about to cause any viewer to need a patch in order to not get seasick! Dude is hugging this ridgeline like it’s a lifeline on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!

At certain points it literally looks like there are just two people there pointing their fingers to tell him… “uhhhh…go that way!” Oh…right…down that hill of dirt versus this one. My goodness this guy is good! This track is in incredible shape too! Just a perfectly layer out dirt path coming right down the top of the ridge all the way down to an incredible few jumps and lands to give the rider a nice clean path down…just incredible!

Ohhhh…Utah…how do I love thee…let me count the ways…

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