The big wave – wipeout!

The man is insane…to start, but to put yourself out there and go for it, all for the name of sport and want is absolutely something to behold. The rider went all in on this massive wave…had the lip come right down on top of him, and absolutely launch him forward into the air…catapulted towards the shore…with so much velocity that it caused a broken back upon landing in the water!

Just unbelievable! Well wishes obviously, but even as much as that…absolute respect to this man to even go for something like that. 99.9999% of all people in this world would just stare at that break and say…. “Nope! Not for me!” My goodness. Ride on man…ride on!


Dude has legs of steal!

Firs the balance of just being on a board facing forward on a moving wave behind a boat…then to say, hey!…I think I can actually pull off keeping the board straight and do a flip fast enough in order to land outright on top of it, while it’s still moving behind the boat! Friend: No you can’t. Dude: Yes I can!

And he does! What in the bloody heck! This guy has legs of steal and iron! The balance must be just out of this world! And he eyesight to land the landing is just…well…I’ve got no words left.

How is this wave doing this? – Japan

Ok…I don’t understand! I can’t make out how the physicians of what is occurring below are happening. Where is this break from the left and then in turn the break from right coming from, and then at the apex of them converging, creating so incredibly amazing for a surfer that it is just awe inspiring!

Take just the one on the left or the one on the right and it would be a great day of rolling liners back to back…but then take them both, add them together and create this epic vortex of Quick back and forths that this guy/gal gets to enjoy and it just becomes something supernatural.

Thank you Mother Nature yet again for showing something new…yet again!

The color of the water…

It’s not the carved pipe, or the billabong board, or the coldness of the wetsuit, or the dunes laid out in the background, or the desolate gray sky above…because all east coast surfers have experienced all of that…well, save the pipe. It’s the color.

The color the water is producing here, and preface this by saying it only occurs once you get North of say Cocoa in the Atlantic, it makes this dark green washed up color that makes you think your in Ireland or something. That’s the water that east coast surfers grew up with.

I’ve no idea where this is, or what they are trying to accomplish except have an incredible day out in the surf, but the water just speaks to an old time east coast water kid who wishes for days like that when the waves would just be perfect enough for an epic curl.

Wave or Surfer…more impressive? – Quick Hit

I really am not sure what I am in more awe of at this point…the surfer surfing the wave, or the unbelievably beautiful rolling carved pipe that is being created at the exact moment this gentlemen drops in. What a thing of beauty!

This is sick! Amazing Surf video! – Quick Hit

Just let it play…don’t mind the lions fighting about 5 seconds in, and let the pipe wave come over you! Then sit back and enjoy this amazing few moments of the surfing arena! The pipe flow is just Epic!

Other schools have recreation…CSU in Ft. Collins has…

You got that right! CSU in Ft Collins…the home of fat tire beer and the town of which Disney World modeled their Main Street after…has launched into a new online venture. Everyone’s banking on the college degree online and going back to get that first, second, third or graduate diploma. Colorado State just made theirs pretty much what you would be expecting from Colorado State.

Now let’s see…could it be farming? Or…agriculture?…or business? All of these would be fine degrees to have from CSU…but nope! They went with absolutely the purest Colorado thing out here….Marijuana Studies! Just kidding! But that would be funny…some kind of alternative agriculture. No for Real though…graduate certificate in Adventure Tourism!!! Well that sounds like the coolest degree in the World! And the slackerist! I’m there!!

No…this is not the West Coast Pipeline…check again!

This is absolutely insane! That has to be at least an 8-10 foot pipe over that guys head and he’s just hanging in there! As a veteran of those waters…I can’t ever remember seeing anything like that in those waters…ever! The Atlantic has been churning and burning this season and it’s got to be running some major swells up North!

Just don’t wash away all those yuppies out in the Hampton’s…you know the folks who could probably afford to buy an entire surfboard company?…Anyways…

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