Kitty in the tree! – Not that kind.

Just walking through the snow on a beautiful morning or afternoon. Noticing all the fresh flakes falling on the ground, and noticing all those flakes landing on the bushes around you, and then those bushes turn into low branches of brush trees, and then noticing the flakes landing on the upper trees and how white and quiet and cold it is. You see your breath coming out and get a little chill from the icicles in the air…then you notice the flakes streaming down right at your eye level and bam! You look into that tree you were just noticing earlier and right there…peaking out…looking at you like your it’s next Burger King Whopper with Cheese is a freakin Mountain Lion!!!!

Get on the move slide down that hill and don’t look back…ever! Make this the fastest winter run you’ve ever had in your entire life!


Longest snowboard rail ever!

This is incredible! Who built this?!? Where is it? Can I️ get there tomorrow?!? Think about just the sheer concentration these nutjobs have to have in order to stay on that thing for that long and the speed in order to get to the bottom with no movement! Love it!!!

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