Wait…Italy might not make it? WC

Wait…just…a…minute! Italy! The team that won the whole darn thing just a few years ago…the land of European teams like Milan and Roma and world powers…might not make the World Cup?!? How is this possible??? This would be like Germany not making it the next time around! Whoa nelly!


That’s a deal! – Dreamliners!

Who wouldn’t want something called a Dreamliner? Sounds cool…like luxury in the sky….almost like one of these flying cruise ships. “Take a flight on the spectacular new Dreamliner! And get a massage and swim in our pool with a little drink with an umbrella in it.”

But $15 billion worth?!? To be the sales guy on the other side of that deal is just an amazing thought! “Look…buy $15 bil worth and I’ll throw in some leather jackets, and this really cool pen that says Boeing on it and acts as a red light laser pointer for presentations. Do we have a deal???


The Actual Avengers! – Quick Hit

Truth be told…I’d watch this one probably with as much gusto as the real one. Love all of these guys!

The runs on a run…discuss…

No one likes to talk about it, but it happens. You go for a run and wham! Three or four or eight miles in…it starts out as a slow grumble, and then it builds and builds and builds and then you’re like…oh “bleep” I hope and pray we find the next stop.

Look, don’t act like it’s never happened. It’s like saying you’ve never fallen down while running. If it hasn’t happened, it’s going to. Just wait. You can prep your body as much as you want, and prepare for the “act” to never happen to you and think… “I’ve got myself figured out to a T, and we are good to go! Just read below and you’ll think otherwise. This one from popular science will help you understand why you gotta go numero dos!


McGregor is insane!

Why is he not everywhere?!? He has taken over he entire realm of combat sports! He’s not even fighting in this match…and even more to the point, it’s in an arena and sanction that competes with the UFC!…his card! It’s just great! He leaps over the cage! Isn’t that supposed to be there to keep people out or keep the fighters in? You know…human cage fighting?!? Anyways…

He’s an actual comic book character come to life. It’s just incredible. I absolutely can not wait for whatever comes his way next. No matter what the odds, it will be incredible…Oh…by the way…it might be a suspension since he went right after the ref in the ring in this match…that again…he was not fighting in!!! Love it!

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