Oh CNN – the basics of running – I guess – Quick Hit

CNN decided to make an article about the unique things that “happen” to you when you run for long periods of time.  All of which are true by the way…it was just really laugh out loud funny to see all of them in one place!  Oh my…it sounds incredibly horrible…and why would you put yourself through this…and why would anyone do this insane things to themselves all to have potty and chafing problems!!!

Because it’s freakin awesome!  Haven’t you ever heard of a runner’s high before???

Sorry CNN – but you almost make it sound like you DON’T want people to run… (black nails, weird toes, etc.)…which by the way sounds more like a shoe problem then anything else.



Running Injuries – So True – Quick Hit

So dang true! I mean there is no possible way something is going to keep me from a run if it’s an injury, and this exact thought always…always goes through my mind whenever my body is telling me no. Sometimes I win…sometimes my body wins. It’s a constant battle…

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Runners…. 😳

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Just a little Running humor…Quick Hit

When you can get a Michael Scott GIF into a running joke it’s worth a mention. Plus the fact that there are millions of people who actually believe this nonsense outlined below. It’s all about strength people…not the creaky sounds you’re making going up and down the stairs everyday! Trust me! Your knees hurt because you HAVENT run on them in a long time…trust me! “Thank You!”

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