The ultimate running gear article…

So where do we go from here? That’s the question posed by this article from CNN, and the manufacturers and scientists behind the future of fitness tracking technology…and it’s some pretty cool stuff!!

A shirt that tracks your heart rate?!? A drone that follows you to get all your information? (Just hope the drone doesn’t turn Skynet and attack you mid 10 mile run).

This is the future! But to be honest, one of the most interesting pieces about this article that took me for a loop was the history of the future…huh you say? Well, turns out Adidas has actually been doing this since 1984! That number is pretty apropos considering the infamous “big brother” novel of the same year. Apparently back then they incorporated a small computer in the tongue of the shoe! Pretty cool. The only technology I remember in a shoe was the “pump” from Reebok! Those were cool!

So the future is here, and now that I just got my Apple 2, and 3 has just been launched, this says wrists are being phased out. Well, I guess being a minimalist that I am that’s a great future to behold! Just wish I hadn’t put down $300 on a brand new watch… 😦

What the future holds for fitness technology – CNN


Ultrasound ain’t just for babies! Runners?

Actually being on the other side of this here, I’ve worked with ultrasound machines for quite a while now. Everyone knows they show mom and dad what their new little tyke is going to look like, and at about week 10-20 are able to show off either something being or not…really…for non parents…it’s that simple and obvious.

Now though, this new version of the sound beams is able to decipher what your muscle energy levels are doing! How awesome is that! Gotta love something being able to say, “Hey! You’re tired!” or “Goofball! Slow down! You’re not gonna make it at this pace!”

Seriously though, think about the training for the elites this will be able to help with, and the nutrition science here in how they can literally fine tune which slice of banana that person should eat in order to shave off 30 seconds or so. The story outlines the science behind the machines.

I picture some elite skinny runner laying on a table, trainer on the side with some pocket sized tablet, and probe, scanning up and down their legs and then they stop! All of a sudden they go, “Oh my! Well looky there. Congratulations…it’s a quadricep!!”

It’s tropical…why doesn’t it taste good?!?

“You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up…you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up…”  Great song!  Uniquely written though to incorporate a very weird looking…well…fruit…right?  I mean it does come down off of a tree…like an apple, and the technical definition of a fruit is something along the lines of soft inside with harsh skin/covering.  And with every other fruit in its greatest form….orange, apple, and heck…kiwi…it tastes great!  Then why in the heck…unlike every other fruit…does the juice in the middle by itself taste absolutely awful?!?

So how is this pertinent to runners out there?  Well, coconut water is making a huge push to be the overwhelming natural sports drink.  It has the electrolytes and hydrating properties that all the sugar enhanced flavored bottles have, but it also has…ready…vitamins and nutrients!

Look…I am again, in no way a nutritionist, or exercise physiologist, or whatever “ist” you want to put on the end of someone’s title to have them tell you what you should eat to better perform as an endurance athlete.  What comes from these pages it just plain old speak about a way to get your heart moving that’s worked on this end.  When someone comes out and says that coconut water is the next big thing…of course I am going to try it.  Especially if they say it’s better for you, and…well…its water!  It comes from coconut!  Who doesn’t love coconut!  Haven’t you ever had a pina colada?  It’s tasty!  Coconut water?….not so much!

Orange juice…kind of tastes like an orange.  Apple juice…kind of tastes like an apple.  Coconut water/juice…kind of tastes like crap!  Now I know that coconut doesn’t so let’s figure out how to help.  What if we add just a little coconut flavor to it?  Starbucks has this great sugar-riched coconut syrup……yeah….probably not what you want in a sports drink.  Can you say crash?  How about some actual coconut?  That might work right?  I mean they make orange juice with pulp…and people get around that in their drink?  Well…actually those coconut flakes are kind of tough and rigid.  Can you see a runner mid stride trying to dig some coconut flakes out of their teeth post drink?  Probably not a good site. 

Look, I am sure that it’s a great hydrator, and it does wonders for someone’s digestive system making it flow evenly.  Post run…look we all have had the “aftertaste” of some of these sports drinks, and some of these newer ones with the enhanced protein in there…just make me want to puke right there (took two sips, and that was that).  Just like barefoot running…if you’re all about going au natural, but need some flavor instead of the good ol go to…H2O…then grab that weird shaped juice box looking package.  All I ask is that if it continues to grow…please give us some additional flavors (namely pina colada!!!), and be careful in the chopping of those hard shelled fruits…and look down at your boots…and lace up!


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